A wonderful ancient essential oil and the Frankincense benefits

Frankincense is a tree that grows in the Southern Arabian Desert and this is where the finest of the trees are cultivated and harvested. This tree has been there for thousands of years and later on two other regions in Africa have also entered the fray and started to cultivate this miracle tree.

In recent years this essential oil has garnered a lot of attention since scientific studies of recent times verified and found that Frankincense is blessed with anti-tumoral properties too.

Latest study shows that Frankincense essential oil can cause cell aptosis, or death in breast cancer cells which is great news indeed for fighting breast cancer.

Frankincense Benefits

Apart from these Frankincense Benefits there are more to come; it is a great respiratory oil, with anti viral and anti bacterial properties too. It helps to keep the central nervous system calm and composed.

Frankincense benefits and its Divine connection

It is known since ages that the three wise men brought this oil to baby Jesus for their psychoactive properties which cause a change in awareness and it is said that this is the main reason for the wise men to bring this valuable tool for assisting Jesus in forging a strong connection with the Divinity.

The psychoactive properties are the main reason why frankincense tears are till today burned in most Churches for sanctifying the Church and for altering the state of awareness in parishioners hoping that this causes the Divine to be more accessible. A whopping 75% of the word’s frankincense production is purchased by the Churches across the world do you know?

Frankincense benefits are considered most powerful in spiritual matters since it induces a deep state of meditation for those who are into meditation and yoga greatly relaxing the body and mind.

Frankincense benefits relating to health and well being

Frankincense essential oil offers a lot of other benefits too and some of the more prominent ones are mentioned here for your reference.

Helps reduce stress; when inhaled it is known to bring down heart rate and blood pressure due to its anti anxiety and anti depressant ability.

It enhances the immune system preventing illnesses by destroying harmful bacteria and viruses and also cancers.  Due to its antiseptic properties Frankincense oil is great for treating and preventing gingivitis and other dental issues.

It acts as a good disinfectant eliminating cold and flu germs from attacking you.

It is excellent for healing and strengthening skin and improving its tone and elasticity thus preventing signs of aging.

Balances hormone levels reducing symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause. It regulates production of oestrogen reducing the risk of tumours in pre menopausal women.

There are some other Frankincense benefits too and this miracle essential oil helps to ease digestion, it’s calming scent helps you fall asleep easily, it decreases pain and inflammation effecting muscles, joints and tendons and all of this without any adverse side effects!

Who would not want to enjoy these amazing Frankincense benefits knowing that there are no scary side effects to using it?

A word of caution though; people with blood clotting issues need to take their physician’s advice and then only use this oil since it is known to have blood thinning effects too and another thing to remember is not to ingest it in large quantities since it can lead to toxicity.

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