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Frankincense, therapeutic effects for the body

Frankincense and its scent are associated with the Church, with the church services with the banishment of evil spirits, but Frankincense is used otherwise. Let’s find out how. Frankincense has many properties and uses other than those already known. It is used in the divine services of the Church, to oust the spirits and evil

The Frankincense, a natural remedy for various ailments

The Frankincense, a natural remedy used for about 5,000 years in Oriental traditional medicine, may well help reduce intracranial tumors by crediting the results of studies by researchers from several countries around the world. In the past two decades, Frankincense has been brought to the attention of specialists and the general public through the extremely

Frankincense – Meaning and Properties

The Frankincense is an aromatic oleo-gum-resin produced from the resin of a group of trees, the Boswellia, of the family Burseraceae. There are three varieties: the Boswellia sacra, the Boswellia Thurifera and the Boswellia carteri more commonly known as the “Tears of Somalia.” This group of trees originates from the Dhofar. It is also found