Health Benefits of Frankincense and Myrrh

A nice video about the Frankincense benefits


0:04 hi everyone I’m Suzy Cohen America’s

0:07 pharmacist and I love to talk about the

0:09 medicinal actions of natural medicine

0:12 such as frankincense and myrrh it’s very

0:15 popular this time of year and people

0:16 assume that it’s just good for soaps or

0:19 bath salts or perhaps and a Roma tiser

0:23 where I’ll show you this you just put a

0:25 few drops in with water and it infuses

0:28 your room and yeah all of that is really

0:31 cool I’m good with all of that obviously

0:33 I have it all and I don’t want to

0:35 underestimate the power of inhaling the

0:38 volatile oils which come from

0:40 frankincense and myrrh these are the

0:42 essential oils you can see which I use

0:45 most frequently it’s frankincense I love

0:47 that so frankincense let’s hover on that

0:50 for a little bit it goes by another name

0:53 boswellia because it has a lot of buzz

0:56 wellick acids in it so you’ll see it

0:59 sold as supplements as Bosley Leah and

1:02 that’s how I will refer to it in this

1:04 video to teach you more about it now

1:06 buzz we Leah acts like a drug it really

1:10 does in my world as a pharmacist and

1:12 I’ve been one for 25 years plus six

1:15 years of school that’s a lot a lot of

1:18 nerdiness we know of drugs in the class

1:21 called cox-2 inhibitors and these drugs

1:25 are very popular one popular one is

1:27 called celebrex and it works by reducing

1:31 the levels of an of inflammatory

1:33 compounds that contribute to pain and

1:36 heart disease so when you have a cox-2

1:38 inhibitor you’re inhibiting or blocking

1:41 an enzyme that would otherwise create a

1:43 lot of pain and inflammation in your

1:44 body well buzz we Leah does just that

1:47 just like celebrex it is also a luca

1:50 trying inhibitor the drug for that is

1:53 singular and it’s used for people with

1:56 asthma so you can ask your doctor if

1:58 using boswellia supplements could be

2:01 helpful if you have any kind of pain

2:02 syndrome or asthma in particular

2:05 rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis

2:08 because Vaz Willi is known to increase

2:11 blood flow to the joints very helpful so

2:14 I couldn’t love buzz really any

2:16 or I get it from a local apothecary in

2:19 Boulder called Rebekah’s that’s where I

2:22 go and it’s kind of grainy I don’t know

2:25 if you can see this but here let me put

2:28 it in my coffee grinder which I’ve

2:32 cleaned out there’s no coffee in here

2:34 this is frankincense or possibly as I’ve

2:37 been calling I’ll give it a little twirl

2:41 there and it just makes it just a little

2:44 bit finer and you’re probably wondering

2:47 why do I do that well aside from taking

2:51 a bath with it and inhaling the

2:54 essential oils I take it orally and I

2:57 just don’t want to buy the regular

2:59 supplements because I feel like –

3:00 fresher but you can they’re commercially

3:03 prepared and they’re fine many brands

3:06 make it I just like to make my own there

3:10 this is a size zero zero capsule so you

3:13 can see the size of that made another

3:16 one here and I’ll make these up in

3:18 advance and I’ll just put them in there

3:21 with a desiccant that I pulled out of

3:23 another vitamin bottle to keep it fresh

3:26 you can also make a bunch of capsules

3:30 all at once so what else can Boz Willia

3:34 do it can stimulate the thyroid it

3:37 contains Google steroids which are known

3:39 to support thyroid health and can

3:41 stimulate the thyroid gland to produce

3:43 more thyroid hormone that’s important

3:45 I’ve been asked if you can take it with

3:47 my thyroid script that should be fine

3:49 ask your doctor if you can take either

3:51 supplement so I don’t know what’s right

3:53 for you um Google steroids improve

3:55 metabolism they lower triglycerides and

3:57 they support cardiovascular health

4:00 Fazioli

4:01 Boswelia also happens to contain this

4:03 ingredient that was studied in 2013 and

4:06 a clinical trial it was a test-tube

4:08 trial and they found that a kba

4:11 which stands for a seal keto beta

4:14 Boswelia like acids AKB a that’s why they

4:17 call it that

4:17 um works better in test tubes at killing

4:21 ovarian cancer cells everything

4:23 chemotherapy but Studies on PubMed so

4:26 it’s pretty cool they also found that

4:28 ingredients in buzzer could help with

4:30 bladder cancer again a test-tube study

4:33 or animal study these were not done in

4:34 humans now let’s talk about merck real

4:38 fast this is the resin these are both

4:41 resins this is frankincense and this is

4:43 myrrh and you don’t eat these these you

4:47 can put over a charcoal burner to infuse

4:49 your home it’s another way of doing this

4:52 but this is cooler okay

4:55 and myrrh has an essential oil which you

4:58 can buy you can also buy an herbal

5:00 extract of myrrh and that’s great I

5:02 recommend the myrrh for topical problems

5:05 like wounds you can make a compress

5:08 using it or you can apply it with a

5:10 carrier oil or water and it’s great for

5:14 your gums it’s important for your gums

5:16 because it’s a very strong antifungal

5:17 antibacterial is so strong that

5:20 according to ancient stories the

5:22 soldiers carried it into war with them

5:25 to help prevent the spread of grain

5:26 green so that’s kind of cool that’s how

5:28 potent it is and anti-everything

5:32 it goes by coma for more that’s the name

5:35 of it okay so that’s what I have for you

5:39 today on frankincense and myrrh please

5:41 share this video and feel free to visit

5:44 me at my website suzy cohen calm

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