The Frankincense, a natural remedy for various ailments

The Frankincense, a natural remedy used for about 5,000 years in Oriental traditional medicine, may well help reduce intracranial tumors by crediting the results of studies by researchers from several countries around the world.

In the past two decades, Frankincense has been brought to the attention of specialists and the general public through the extremely wide range of affections that they can alleviate or even cure, according to

The Frankincense is a resin that the Boswellia tree secretes to heal its wounds from the bark. This tree, which likes lime soils, originates in Africa and the Middle East.

Harvesting Frankincense used in medical treatment is done only from four varieties of Boswellia. Seva secreted by young trees is the best. Such a shrub can produce about 2-3kg of Frankincense per year.

To force the secretion of this resin, the harvesters make longitudinal incisions and remove small portions of the thin bark. Boswellia directs a quantity of sap into these places to block the wounds. In contact with air, the whitish liquid takes a solid form with a yellowish-brown, translucent color. The tamaia is then tight and sold at very high prices, at the time of the Romans, even having a value equal to the gold.

The resin has a characteristic smell, which becomes very pronounced by flame or boiling. For this reason, Frankincense is currently used in the perfume industry as a basis because its odor is slowly evaporating.

Asians believe that Frankincense has a dry energy, being effective in inflammation and infections, and in the proper functioning of the endocrine system.

Fumigation with Frankincense has been used since ancient times to purify the prayer sites because it induces peace of mind, a state of humility, channeling thoughts to the spiritual world.

In Orthodox religion, fumigations with Frankincense are considered to facilitate contact with saints and angels. The Bible contains many references to this resin, even the baby Jesus receiving at birth from myths, myrrh, gold and Frankincense.

For therapeutic purposes, Frankincense is mainly used externally in the form of fumigation or essential oil (aromatherapy), in laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthma, urinary tract infections, cysts, depression, stress, insomnia.

Internally, Frankincense should be used with extreme caution, only under medical supervision, as some patients may experience a number of serious side effects, including increased toxicity of some allopathic medicines.

Another danger is the counterfeiting on the market, healing effect with only medicinal Frankincense from safe sources.

Scientists are currently trying to make drugs based on extracts from this resin, in the fight they fight against serious illnesses, including localized tumors in the brain.

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